Yoga for the Vagina Women’s Circle

Love Your Pelvic Floor

Would you like to get to know your pelvic floor more intimately? Then I invite you to a live Yoga for the Vagina class, which I’ll be running by way of healing Women’s Circle, in the gorgeous Dandenong Ranges in Victoria, Australia. There are two dates available – September 1st and 15th – with 8 spaces per class for ladies to explore their bodies and their minds, to grow their personal practice in self-love, and to open themselves up to deep inner healing.

This will be a lush 2-hour class that will begin with the group connecting into their core self through mindfulness practices. We’ll explore a specific topic – Love Your Pelvic Floor – before we move into a full Yoga for the Vagina sequence focusing on incorporating those learnings into the practice with specific poses that target and connect you to your pelvic floor. Upon finishing the practice you’ll be invited to share what came up for you and what you learnt about yourself during the practice, and of course ask questions!

Most importantly, you’ll be given the space to feel, express, and learn within a supportive and loving environment of women all committed to their own inner growth. Hence, this 2 hour class will be as much a healing session as it will be a yoga class. You will stretch your mind and soul, as much as you stretch your body and your precious lady parts. You will expand what is possible for you, and you will do it with other like-hearted souls.

Oh… and I have some special little gifts I’ll be giving you on the day too!

Love Your Pelvic Floor

If you’re confused about the best way to have a healthy and toned pelvic floor, and how to keep the organs that sit within your pelvic bowl healthy and fit, this practice will awaken you to a new way of sensing your pelvic parfait; the muscles, organs, tissue and fascia that sit within the pelvic bowl. This practice works with the entire contents of the pelvic bowl to help prevent and heal sexual organ prolapse, incontinence, while healing both pelvic floor tension and weakness issues. More effective than Kegels, this practice will help you understand why and how to work with your most precious lady parts so they stay ripe and resilient well into your twilight years. A must for every woman!

Love Your Pelvic Floor will be run between 2pm and 4pm on Saturday September 1st and September 15th. So choose the date that best suits you, or feel free to come to both for a reduced price, and re-absorb the content. More than a simple yoga class, this will be a yoga experience, expanding on the content in the Yoga for the Vagina online series, making it perfect for newbies who have never used a Jade Egg before, as well as those who have a regular Jade Egg practice.

Who is this for? Women who want to connect more deeply with their body and enjoy deeper self-love, women who want to heal sexual trauma and conditioning, women who want to explore Yoga for the Vagina in a safe and nurturing space, women who want more guidance on their practice so they can move through blocks…. This Women’s Circle is for women who are ready to fully embrace all of their beautiful selves!

The details…

Location: Upwey, Victoria, Australia. (5min walk from the Upway train station). Exact location given upon booking.
Class Size: 8 people per class.
When: Saturday 1st September 2-4pm and/or Saturday 15th September 2-4pm.
Cost: $60 per class. OR $100 if you book into both.
BYO: Yoga mat, towel, blanket, jade egg and water bottle.
Provided: Coconut oil, dental floss, and loving space supplied.

What to wear? Something comfy you can easily do yoga in. If you plan to use the Jade Egg wear a skirt you can move freely in. It’s also advised not to wear a bra and to have easy access to your breasts so you can easily massage your breasts (you can do this above clothing if preferred).

Let me answer some specifics for you…

Will I be using the Jade Egg?

That’s entirely up to you. This class is an open invitation to use your Jade Egg in a safe, nurturing and intimate environment. That said, if you prefer not to use your Jade Egg, you will still gain immense benefits from each class and be able to take your learnings home with you so you can apply them to your own personal practice using the Jade Egg.

Will we be getting naked?
Mentally and emotionally yes. Physically, no. While I encourage you not to wear a bra, and to have easy access to your breasts and vagina for the self-massage, the classes remain fully clothed. You only wear what you feel comfortable wearing.

What if I get my period?
Then my suggestion is, still come along, but don’t use the Jade Egg. The practice is soft and lush, and super healing no matter what time of month it is. Simply let me know at the start to the class so I can modify any poses for you, that are not suitable for when who’re bleeding.

Do I need to have done Yoga for the Vagina before?
No. Upon enrolment I will send you a short video to give you some background information about the practice, and then just come along and explore. You don’t need to use the Jade Egg if you prefer not to, and I will guide you through how to get the most out of your practice.

I have the Yoga for the Vagina online series, will I get anything out of coming to the live classes?
Absolutely yes! We will be going deeper into the practice, and I will be teaching you ways to really make the poses work for your individual body. There will be fresh poses that are not included in the online series that target and build awareness of the pelvic floor, there will be a specific focus on deepening the vaginal squeeze to incorporate your whole being, there will be plenty of time for questions afterwards, and you will get 2-hours of uninterrupted time for YOU! There is also something super healing about entering a group energy like this.

I believe it’s always best to hear from past participants how they found the healing experience, and here’s what Lissa from Melbourne, Australia said:

‘Educational, insightful and empowering. For the first time in many years I feel I have the tools not only from Tamra’s workshop but online resources to heal myself both emotionally and physical. Thank you Tamra for sharing your knowledge and providing us with so many gifts on the day, thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone searching for mental and physical health.’

And Birgitt from South Australia:

‘Tamra is a true inspiration. She believes in what she teaches and it shows in what she does. Very inspiring.’

Please note ALL places booked out in the first three days. However, I have just opened a third date 2-4pm Sunday September 9th. You can book below. Otherwise, you can email me – – and I can put you on the wait-list in case there is a cancellation.

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