I’m so happy you’ve decided to journey into self-love with me.

Perhaps you’ve been practising love for a while now, or maybe you’re new to the whole self-love thang! No matter where you find yourself, know that what I will share with you today (and in coming weeks), will completely shift how you feel about yourself.

That is of course, if you’re willing to practise what I share. For, the magic really is in the doing. Unfortunately, simply understanding something doesn’t create self-love. You need to practise self-love.

Today I’m sharing with you a very simple practice. So simple, it only takes a few minutes every day. It’s called The Love Journal. 

All you need to do, is write down three things you love about yourself each evening before bed. Yep, that’s it!!! Think of it, like a little mini date with yourself where you get to show yourself love.

Now if you think ‘Oh, what’s that going to do?’, know that the power lies in its simplicity. And to help you understand why this practice is so effective – and why I share it with all of my one-on-one clients – I’ve created an 20-minute audio which explains how this practice:

  • Helps you feel good about yourself
  • Builds confidence
  • Loosens your childhood conditioning
  • Positively impacts the rest of your life as a whole.

Having a positive internal dialogue with yourself forms the basis for how you live your life. Just think of how you would be, act on opportunities and behave, if your conversation with yourself was one of a positive nature… Mmmm… Possibly quite differently, right?

So, without further ado, make yourself a cuppa herbal tea, and let me share the magic of this practice with you. Don’t have time to do it right now? No probs.

Start your Love Journal TONIGHT – remember, it only takes a couple of minutes – and get your dairy or day planner out, and schedule a time to listen to this audio (or read the transcript) THIS WEEK. I say this week, because it’s very easy to put something off until ‘you have time’. But chances are, you will never have time; you need to create time. Create time to cultivate self-love.

So lock in a time in your dairy to listen to the audio – treat it like a date with yourself – so you can learn why this practice is so powerful. But like I said, you don’t need to listen to the audio first. You can start the Love Journal straight away; for the practice is what creates the magic, right! Then you can simply deepen and evolve your practice once you’ve listened to the audio.

The Love Journal PDFDownload

I’m sending you another gift next week, so it’s super important that you’ve already begun weaving this practice into your life, as each gift is designed to build upon what you’ve already explored.

So please, give it a go, and share how you find it in the comments section below!

And while you’re at it, introduce yourself!! Where are you from? What brings you to be on this self-love journey? And what inspires you in life? Let’s get to know each other and this gorgeous self-loving community!

10 Comments on “The Love Journal”

  1. Hi thank you for sharing this knowledge Tamra, I want my life to be filled with so much love that I feel invincible 😊 Jacqui Queensland Australia

    1. Pleasure Jacqui.Please know that your life can be filled with so much love you feel invincible – that is absolutely possible!! The love is within, you simply need to learn how to unlock the door so you can have that love available 24/7, which is something I’ll be teaching in the upcoming Self-Love Meditation course xx

  2. You are amazing Tamra. Thank you so much for your Self-Love Gifts. Sunny greetings from Queensland 🙂

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