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Downloading your audio

Every device handles links and downloads differently. On a regular desktop or laptop left-clicking the link should play the audio in your browser, whereas right clicking should give you the options menu which should include an option like ‘Download File’, ‘Save File As’, or ‘Download Link’. Again specific phrasing varies from browser to browser.

Where it downloads also depends on the individual setup of your computer, but most send it to the downloads folder.

If you’re on a phone or tablet, especially an Apple device, the file may be forced to play rather than saving it to a folder as they restrict access to the file system.

More about The Art of Self-Love playshop

In this 1-hour audio playshop I unlock the secret to self-love and teach you what’s needed to undo the negative programming so you enjoy a healthy relationship with YOU!

I will show you what’s needed to:

  • Cure depression and anxiety
  • Get your love life working and attract in a perfect mate
  • Heal a health ailment (no matter how serious)
  • Get money easily flowing into your life
  • Overcome unhealthy habits and addictions
  • And most importantly, stop the negative mind-chatter so you can enjoy a happy and healthy life!

It also teaches you:

  • How the subconscious mind works in creating our physical reality
  • The importance of clearing limiting beliefs and what role they play in making your life painful and full of struggle and fear
  • What’s needed to hear you’re inner voice at ALL times so you can trust your self to know what’s right for YOU!
  • BONUS: The opportunity to have a complimentary chat with Tamra about how you might work together.

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