Step 4: Put yourself in an environment where you can meet your Mr or Mrs Right

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While I’d like to say that your Prince or Princess will just turn up on your doorstep, the chances of this happening are rather slim. That said, it’s certainly not impossible, with all the door-to-door salesmen around these days and who knows when you might need a six-pack built plumber to fix your leaky tap! But those who don’t want to leave their romantic fate to chance, here’s what you need to do.

You need to ‘Get Out There’. What do I mean by that? Quite simply, you need to put yourself in an environment where you are likely to meet your ideal partner. And you need to be picky about what places you put yourself in. If for example, you wanted someone who was fit and healthy, then spending copious amounts of time hanging out at the pub, may not be the best option. While you’re fit and healthy man may enjoy a beer once in a while, you’re more likely to find him working out at the gym or enjoying a jog around your local waterhole.


When deciding on where to go, consider your Perfect Partner list. And ask yourself, where would that guy/gal hang out. If you love dancing and would like a partner who can skirt you round the dance floor, then maybe you need to take up some sort of dance lessons. Swing Dancing for example, is very popular among both guys and girls, and the best bit is, you get to change partners – so it’s sort of like speed dating to great music!

Speaking of speed dating, why not give it a go? Let go of the expectation of meeting ‘The One’ and go out with the idea of meeting a heap of different people and use it as practice to gain confidence in social situations. Or perhaps you’d like to go online. There are plenty of dating websites, and if you stick to the reputable ones, you’re sure to have some fun.

As you’ll read in my book Getting Naked – The Dating Game, I tried both speed and online dating as I embarked on finding my Prince. I had a lot of fun and met some great people, dating a few. One of my friends met her partner on E-Harmony and years later, they’re married, completely in love. For me personally, it was putting myself in an environment where I knew my ideal mate would hang out –trendy band venues.

It was while playing a gig with own band that I met my man, who happened to be playing at the same venue in another band that night. I love the alternative type, so playing gigs with my own band at alternative music venues was putting myself out there, while staying true to my own passions. My advice would be, work out what you’re passionate about, then do something socially with that passion.

Maybe it’s an art class or French lessons. When you’re living your passions, others will notice it, and just want to meet you!

Task: Grab a notepad and brainstorm a list of places you could meet your ideal partner.

Then go out and indulge in some of those social passions!

Download guide as PDF

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