eBook: The Upside of Down



The Upside of Down is one young woman’s memoir of her time with depression and how she managed to overcome this debilitating illness. During her struggle, Tamra used herself as a guinea pig, experimenting with natural therapies and concepts until she developed a toolkit that others could also use to guide them out of the pit of negativity.

This book recognises that there is no magic pill for depression, and that a holistic approach is needed to permanently end the pain. It is packed with tips and ideas on how to make small lifestyle changes to rebalance your biochemistry. It is proof that people with depression can, and do, live fun and magical lives.
Endorsed by Lifeline Australia!

Please note: This is the ‘E-book’ version. The hard-copy books are no longer being sold, although there are over 3000 in circulation, so you may be able to pick one up in a second hand bookstore. To read more about this book, simply click here.