Praise for Naked Therapy

Participating in the Naked Therapy extensive course was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Before, I was extremely timid and questioned everything I wanted to say. As everyday passed and even still now after I completed this course, I am becoming much more confident in who I am, what I stand for and how I feel by letting the world know through my voice.
The Naked Therapy course allowed me to let go; let go of the labels, let go of all the stories and relax into my life. The most empowering part of this experience was knowing that before I reach out and help others as a Naked Therapist, I have helped myself. By lifting up the covers and shining a bright light on everything I had kept in the dark for so long, was extremely inspiring.
My major breakthroughs have come about in the forms of releasing myself from my anxiety over perfectionism. This release has literally changed my life and my relationship with my self. I have truly learned at such a deep level that once my personal world is in focus and full of love, I can handle anything.
Another major learning is that everything I experience in my life is a pure reflection of me and my relationship with myself. This is a major theme in the process of the Naked Therapy course and one I have found most valuable. I take pride in the fact that I have put myself first and obtained the wonderful life skills of working through anything and everything that arises to test me as it comes. This was such a foreign concept before I did any work with the Getting Naked group and now with the Naked Therapy Course under my belt, the fine tuning on those skills has developed with ease.

I would highly recommend this Course to anyone seeking something a little bit more ‘out of the box’.

– Lucinda Lattacher, 27-years-old, Canberra.


Naked Therapy. Who would have thought learning these skills could be so much fun. The fundamentals of the program are always in the forefront of Tamra’s mind when she is teaching. However laughter is never too far behind. I have done every course available thus far from Getting Naked and it is this course that has me kicking goals not only in myself, however within my new profession as a Naked Therapist. Tamra’s teaching techniques may seem a little out of the ordinary, however it is these same techniques that has my career as a Naked Therapist being to heights I could once only dream of.

– Amanda Biagini, 40-years-old, Brisbane


As a whole I found the Naked Therapy training one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things I’ve ever done in my life. This has been a truly amazing journey and I cannot be grateful enough for all of learnings about myself, others, and life in general. It has opened my eyes to what’s truly possible, tested me at times, allowed me growth and taken my life in a whole new direction.
It has given me something to be truly excited about in line with my own values (helped me determine what those values actually are) and connect with some truly amazing ladies who have been massively influential and supportive, and I know will be lifelong friends. It has helped drastically shape where I am today and I will be forever grateful for this opportunity.

 I found Tamra to be a pool of knowledge with so much information and experience to offer but at the same time playful and fun, which helped keep the sessions light, the smiles on tap and the laughs infectious. The commitment and passion she has for Getting Naked and helping people is truly inspiring and I looked forward to every single session with anticipation as to what we were going to learn next.

When I first started my NT one-on-one sessions, I felt so lost and lacking direction. I now feel as though I am back on track and doing what’s right for me and words can’t even express how happy this makes me feel. I’ve matured significantly and can’t even comprehend how far I’ve come since beginning the course. I know that I’ve helped each of my clients in some way and that I’ve brought something to the NT team fills me with happiness. Being part of Getting Naked has given me hope that I can really share something amazing with people who are struggling and make a mark on this planet.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Erin Comerford, 24-years-old, Brisbane