This is an old page that is only here for archival purposes. If you’re interested in Jade Egg classes, please take a peek at a brand new site I have launched which teaches the Jade Egg as part of the Yoga for the Vagina practice, in a whole lot more depth. Simply click here.

I believe the Jade Egg practise is a scared personal practise that allows a woman to connect with her inner self and deepen her confidence so she can truly value herself. While I encourage each lady to take time out for herself to do this self-loving practise alone, I understand that many women get a lot out of being guided through the practise, especially when they’re starting out.

jade-eggs-naked-selfFor this reason I am running monthly 90-minute Jade Egg classes where you will be guided through a one-hour practise. Each session will begin with 10 minutes of fresh egg-ucation on a new aspect of the Jade Egg that you can work into your practise – because the Jade Egg practise really is a lifelong journey. The longer you do it, the more you will learn about yourself and the deeper your connection to yourself will grow.

Because there is so much to learn, and not a lot of information out there about the Jade Egg, the last 20 or so minutes will be spent answering your individual questions so you can apply the Jade Egg to your personal situation. With regular practise, you will notice a huge difference in your sexual self-esteem as your vagina wakes from its slumber and starts to feel more pleasure not only during sex, but during everyday activities; life really will become more beautiful and abundant once you start working with the Jade Egg.

We are not trying to learn how to love ourself, we are love. We just need to reconnect with that part of ourselves.

To take part in the classes you must have already completed the 90-minute Jade Egg playshop where you would have received a Jade Egg booklet full of information and exercises you can do in your own private practise. During the session you will have also learnt some key techniques to get you on your Jade Egg journey, that are crucial if you are to continue this practise in the loving way it was designed.

How do the classes work? Everyone will be sent a local dial in number – so all you need is a phone to take part – and once on the line, everyone will be put on mute, so you can be guided through your practise in complete privacy. It is suggested, during the actual practise that you have your phone on speaker or have a hand’s free option.

Once the practise is complete, I will open up the line so you can share, ask questions or comment on what you experienced during the practise – this will be an open forum for you to learn. You can do the practise at your own pace, and nothing is mandatory. We really encourage you to trust your inner self when it comes to the Jade Egg practise.

When: Classes will be held on the 3rd Saturday of every month at 10am AEST. The Jade Egg classes will commence in January 2015 unless you have a group of ladies keen to begin earlier.

What if I can’t make that time? If you are unable to make the actual class time, you can still take part. Email through your questions ahead of the class, and the audio of the class will be sent to you so you can do the class at a time that best suits you.

Cost: You can do just one class $60, or you can save money by signing up for 3 ($55ea), 6 ($50ea) or 12 ($40ea) classes now. The audio for each class will be available for one month to give you plenty of time to listen to it again.

Classes coming in 2016…

*Please note: If you book 6 months for example, you will have access to six consecutive classes. If you cannot make one of those classes, you will be sent the audio and have the option to send in your questions to be answered during the class.