Great Sexpectation 7: Men have a higher libido than women

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As you’re probably starting to realise, getting horny and having a great libido is about expanding your sexual energy.

And sexual energy doesn’t just reside in men!

That said, men and woman can differ in how they get aroused.

If we look at the Taoist philosophy, men are like fire, they ignite quickly, while women are like water, they need to be gradually brought to the boil.

So if you’re in a relationship with a woman, it’s not that she doesn’t have a libido.

It just means you may need to work out what’s going to get her hot.

Preheat your lady with a back massage, kiss her intimately – kissing releases the feel-good hormone oxytocin into the body – and spend more time gently stimulating her breasts.

The breasts are what starts arousal in women – opening her heart to you, while also helping her vagina get wet so she’s ready for penetration.

For men, often just touching his penis is foreplay.


Of course I’m generalising – but men tend to be more genitally focused – based on the idea that the energy begins in the genitals and then rises to the rest of the body.

Where as, it tends to be the opposite way around for most women.

So really start to pay attention to what your partner does and doesn’t like – and if you’re not sure, ask them.

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