Great Sexpectation 4: If I love sex people will think I’m a nymphomaniac

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And if they do, they’re just jealous!

It really is ironic that sex is everywhere, yet it’s still such a taboo topic.

Those intimate conversations you see the girls have in shows like Sex And In The City are rare!

So this is where we need to understand that we were born as multi-orgasmic beings.

Believe it or not, most of us were pleasuring ourselves to orgasm in our mother’s womb.

Yes. It’s true!

Scientists have observed fetuses during the third trimester playing with themselves in ultrasounds.

Sex is what created us. It’s a part of being human.

Unfortunately, many people – women especially – tend to have a lot of shame and guilt around expressing themselves sexually.

Yet this is just a result of social conditioning.

So I really encourage you to give yourself permission to enjoy sex without the fear of being called a nympho – or any of the other nasty names going round.

All that said, if you do in fact have an addiction to sex, in that you need it and can’t survive without it, then that is a deeper psychological problem.

And just like a gambling or drinking addiction it’s something you want to address with a therapist such as myself who practices subconscious mind techniques.  

Tomorrow I’ll quash Great Sexpectation 5: Sex is just physical.

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