Great Sexpectation 1: Not all women have a G-spot

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There’s certainly a lot of confusion about the illusive G-spot.

All women, and men for that matter, have a G-spot.

You’ll find a man’s g-spot up his arse, while a woman’s G-spot is located one to three inches up the front wall of the vaginal canal. 

Instead of going straight into the vagina you follow the natural curve in.

When you put your fingers in you can feel a slightly ridged surface, and as it’s stimulated into arousal it swells and becomes spongy.


Every woman is able to achieve a g-spot orgasm – it’s simply a case of waking that area up, so it can feel again.

When I began my g-spot exploration, it took about two weeks of regular soft massage before I was able to feel pleasure there.

So if, when you start to awaken the G-spot, if you feel nothing, that is completely normal – it can take a little time to get feeling there.

Now the G-spot loves fingers because often during intercourse the penis goes right past that spot – unless you’re blessed with a man who has cock that curves in precisely the right way.

Lucky you!

And studies have even found that not one finger, not three, but two fingers is the magical number to help awaken the spot.

The G-spot is where you want to be stimulating to be able to enjoy multiple orgasms, and it’s also the spot that will make it possible for you to ejaculate, if that’s something you want to experience.

It’s not uncommon to feel the need to urinate when your G-spot it being stimulated.

For this reason, ensure you go to the toilet before you start your G-spot play.

Once you feel that need to urinate, simply allow yourself to relax into it.

Even push out!

Just so you know, the G-spot orgasm being physically deeper is also emotionally deeper than a clitoral orgasm.

What I’m saying, is if you have any fear – if you lack trust with your partner – it’s going to make it really difficult to fully embody those orgasms.

Tomorrow we’ll shed light on male ejaculation with Great Sexpectation 3.


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