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1. The Art of Self-Love audio playshop

In this 45-minute audio playshop I unlock the secret to self-love and teach you what’s needed to undo the negative programming so you enjoy a healthy relationship with YOU!

I will show you what’s needed to:

  • Cure depression and anxiety
  • Get your love life working and attract in a perfect mate
  • Heal a health ailment (no matter how serious)
  • Get money easily flowing into your life
  • Overcome unhealthy habits and addictions
  • And most importantly, stop the negative mind-chatter so you can enjoy a happy and healthy life!

It also teaches you:

  • How the subconscious mind works in creating our physical reality
  • The importance of clearing limiting beliefs and what role they play in making your life painful and full of struggle and fear
  • What’s needed to hear you’re inner voice at ALL times so you can trust your self to know what’s right for YOU!

BONUS: The opportunity to have a complimentary chat with Tamra about how you might work together.


2. The Five Steps to Falling In Love guide

Whether it’s an ideal mate you’re wanting in your life, or more love for yourself, this guide will give you the steps needed to create the love you desire. And who doesn’t want to experience more love?

I take you through the five steps I used myself to attract my adorable man…

  1. Get clear on what you DO want in a relationship
  2. Learn to ‘Date’ yourself
  3. Remove the mental gunk stopping you attracting in a perfect mate (or deepening your relationship with YOU)
  4. Get yourself into the right environment for that relationship to flourish
  5. Let go of your attachment

When this 5-step process is applied in full, it is IMPOSSIBLE not to experience the love you crave! I’ve helped hundreds of ladies and gents overcome their personal barriers through this process so they can have their own ‘happily ever after’.

Sounds pretty swish hey?

I have been working with people all over the world for the past 12 years, helping them develop a healthy relationship with SELF, because when you love YOU, then you have the magical ingredient needed to materialise all you want into your life and live you own unique love story.