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Interviews on self-love. The path of self-love looks and feels different for everyone, and is very much influenced by our early years as a child. For this reason, I’ll be regularly interviewing other people who are walking the path of self-love, to open, inspire, expand and entertain you. It’s my intention with these interviews, that you use them as a … Read More


Tamra Mercieca

Tea Chats with Tamra Each month we meet over a cuppa herbal tea, to share, ask questions and journey deep into self-love. I invite you to bring yourself to these sessions live when you can, so you can feel the energy of this gathering. For those, who are unable to attend live, listen back to these recordings with the same … Read More


Tamra Mercieca

Tasters Welcome to the course Tasters area. Here you’ll find ‘tasters’ of each of the foundational courses I offer. Feel free to explore this content as you please, to help support you in your self-love journey. And if you’ve been wanting to go deeper into the teachings but are not sure which course to choose as your next step, let … Read More


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The Tea Party Drinking a cuppa tea on your own can be an exquisite, mindful moment for inner reflection and self connection. But what happens when we drink tea in the company of another? We experience social nourishment. Yes, we want to cultivate a healthy, relationship with self, but we also want to connect with others. We need this balance … Read More


Tamra Mercieca

Welcome. Welcome to Tea with Tamra. This is your place to journey deep into self-love with a community of like-hearted people. Please know we are here to support you, inspire you and grow you, all over a delicious cuppa herbal tea. And I say we, because we are all students and teachers of self-love. Through our own commitment to the … Read More