What to do when the odds are against you.

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Have you ever had a time in your life when you’ve felt the odds are against you?

I know I have, especially this year.

Let me share my story, and offer some tools I used, so next time you feel the odds are against you, you know what to do, ok?


Here we go…

Moving back to Australia was our third international move in three years.

Obviously we’d had a lot of practise moving by now, but this move was by far the most logistically challenging.


Because we had an ever changing COVID situation to manage, which required various backup plans, in case 1) Our flight got cancelled or rescheduled, and 2) In case we caught COVID just before our flight and weren’t allowed onto the flight.

Hence, we self-isolated for two weeks before our flight date.

But there were plenty of other logistics, such as navigating the very strict Australian Customs regulations.

Not to mention the fact that we were moving to a new city – Adelaide – where we’d never lived before.

And with my hubby deciding that he was going to be the breadwinner for the year, so I no longer had any pressure of supporting the family, and could instead relax more into my mothering in the year before my 4-year-old started school… and go deeper into my own practices while he was at kindergarten…

We had the added challenge of my newly re-skilled husband getting a job in Software Development.

In every other move, we’d just moved, and my business had supported us, because I could work from anywhere.

But now things were different.

This move relied on my husband getting work as soon as we landed, despite having minimal experience in the field.

Hubby had done the stats, and he was extremely nervous about getting a job, as the number of Software Developer jobs in Adelaide was far lower than in Melbourne or Sydney, where the IT scene was thriving.

For me, this was a non-issue.


Because I believe that when we make a decision – in our case, the decision to move to Adelaide (as opposed to Melbourne and Sydney) – and you commit to that decision, then life can step up and reward you for your conviction.

So as my hubby wrote a shortlist of jobs to apply for and spent the next week researching businesses and writing cover letters, I remained in full trust that he would snag one of these jobs.

As it turned out….

He did!

In fact, he got offered two jobs!!

Go hubby!!!

OK, that box ticked…


Now that he’d signed a contract – and we could now prove we had a stable income – it was time to find a house.

Now I had no idea moving to Adelaide, that the rental market here, was well… tight!

Like REALLY tight.

We’d rock up to a rental home inspection and there’d be this line down the street of people wanting to see the same place!

We’re talking 40, sometimes more people at each inspection.

I’d never experienced anything like it in my 22 years of renting.

Initially my husband and I went into ‘Oh my gosh, we’re never going to find a home, and have no where to live’ mode.

But once I kindly asked my ego to make space for a new approach, I was able to get back into the mindset that had helped me get every other house I’d ever wanted to rent:

‘When I walk into a house and it feels right, it’s mine’.

It was a mindset.

But it was more than that.

It was a decision.

A decision to find a place that was within our means – as we would be on a tighter budget that usual with me not working so much – and that lit me up.

That felt inspiring to live in.

We visited 5 rental homes, a couple we never applied for as they just didn’t feel right.

There were a few more homes that ticked the boxes, but didn’t quite give me that ‘Yes, this is my home’ feel.

But we put in applications none-the-less, because hey, we needed a roof over our head, as our days at our AirBnB were running out and there was NOTHING left on AirBnB for under $10,000 a week!!

All types of housing in Adelaide were in high demand.

I dedicated the week to two things:

  1. Lining up inspections at every house that ticked the majority of our boxes, and applying for them in advance where needed… and…
  2. Making a clear intention to find a house that felt delicious and would serve our family in living a happy, relaxed lifestyle.

That week my husband and I walked into a home that was low maintenance, totally gorgeous – it had been recently renovated – and it was in the most beautiful, leafy suburb, a short bike ride for hubby to go to walk, and a short drive to the city, the hills, the beach and every other cool place in town.

It was perfect!

I decided in that moment: ‘It’s this house or something better’.

That is my motto when I’m wanting to manifest something into my life: 

‘This or something better.’

With our decision made, I did the physical stuff I needed to do to manifest this home.

I chatted with the real estate agent upon exiting the property so she would remember me.

I put in a sparkling application.

And in that application we offered a little extra per week and the offer to pay many month’s rent in advance.

(I needed to stand out, right??!!)

That night I spent some time getting into the energy of what it would be like to live there, feeling the feel good vibes of it all.

Then no joke, the next morning, we were offered the house!

The process was quick and easy.

The real estate agent was the nicest real estate agent we’d encountered… like ever!!

And we all felt inspired and excited at our new digs.

In just a couple of weeks of landing back in Australia, hubby had a job, we had a home, and we’d even found an awesome little kindergarten for Zen (that had all the attributes I had wanted – and let’s just say there were a few!!)

Why do I share this with you today?

Because there will be many occasions in our life when the odds are against us.

We can be sucked into the fear of it…. OR…

We can decide that we will be the exception to the rule.

For getting what you want in life isn’t rocket science, but it does require some key steps.

So let me share them with you right now:

1. Decide what you want.

In other words, get razor sharp clear on what you do want. 

Write it up on a list. 


What I will say with this step, is decide what you want, without getting too attached to it being one particular thing. 

In my example, when hubby was looking for his job, we were clear that it needed to be able to fully pay all our expenses so I didn’t have to work. 

Ideally it needed to be a job that he could cycle too. 

It needed to be a job that felt inspiring with good people. 

He was not set on which job he got, just the qualities of that job. 

Same with the house. 

I had my perfect house list all written out. 

I had my intention for that house. 

And even after walking into the house we ended up getting, I let go of any attachment to that particular house being ‘the one’, by sticking by my motto: ‘This or something better’.

Next step?

2. Take action.

Ok… so once you decide what you want, you kinda need to do the leg-work to bring that thing into existence, ok? 

While I’d like to say ‘Get clear on what you want, and put it out to the universe and it will be yours’ that rarely works. 

And here’s why… 

We are co-creating our life with the universe. 

Yes, we can ask the universe (or whatever it is you believe in, God, source, etc.) for help, but then you need to do your part. 

In my case in finding the house, I dedicated my week to applying for anything and everything, chatting to people about how to get a rental (my friend gave me the tip-off of people offering higher rent than advertised), I made sure all our references were up to date, and I’d written a cover letter for our house application… 

I treated applying for houses like a full time job – it got all my time and energy!

And only then did I….

3. Ask the universe for help!

You see the trick to manifesting is this… 

You do what you are fully capable of doing, and then you surrender the rest. 

You let a force greater than you step in and create the magic. 

You can do this through literally asking the Universe for help in realigning everything so you can have what you want. 

You can pray, meditate on it. 

For me personally, I do the work, then – generally before I go to sleep – I ask the universe to help realign my thoughts and beliefs during my sleep, so that I can experience the miracle. 

Which leads me onto this step…

4. Get your thoughts and beliefs aligned.

Ok, so when we manifest – when we create the life we want – we need to actually believe that we can have those things. 

If we do not believe it, if we’re stuck in fear, if we do not feel worthy or deserving of what we want, then we cannot invite it into our physical reality. 

This is where we need to spend time looking at what we believe about ourself and our world, and if it’s not supporting us in our pursuits, then do some healing work on it, so we can be fully aligned with the life we’re wanting to create for ourselves.

If you want to learn more about the role our beliefs play in our physical experience of life, check out my free audio lesson The Art of Self-Love playshop where I go into great depth on this topic.

And that’s it!

That’s the formula.

What I will say is this

I was manifesting in this way before I learnt all this spiritual stuff, ok??

A major example of this was back in high school, I REALLY wanted to complete a Graduate Diploma of Arts in Commercial Radio, when I finished Year 12.

My career’s adviser told me not to bother applying as I wouldn’t get in because I needed an undergraduate degree first.

Well…. I decided otherwise.

I didn’t want to do a different degree.

I wanted to work in radio!!!

Full stop!!!

So…. I took a less travelled route.

I did a short night school course at a university studying Sound Production, I volunteered at the local community radio station and had my own weekly show (I had no idea what I was doing, but it was fun!), I did work experience at a commercial radio station, I started accumulating any bit of experience I could in my spare time, and put together a stella of an application.

Now, what I need to tell you, was that Graduate Diploma of Arts in Commercial Radio only accepted 14 people a year Australia-wide.

As you can see, the odds really were against me.

For one, I was straight out of high school and didn’t have an undergraduate degree, which was a prerequisite.

But I put in my application anyway, and you know what….

I got an interview.

I was jumping up and down in excitement!!!


I did the interview, and they asked me to put together a demo tape.

My instant thought was ‘Oh dear, how do I do that?’

So I called up the commercial radio station I’d done work experience at just months earlier, and they said come on in and we’ll help you.

Oh my gosh – they were awesome!

They coached me on how to read news, how to read advertisements, and how to do a good talk-break.

Then they produced it up all professional-like!

Now, I was by no means amazing on my demo, but it was pretty good for an 18 year old.

I submitted it, and then the phone call came…

I got in!!!!

I was going to complete The Graduate Diploma of Arts in Commercial Radio.

Now I was really jumping up and down in excitement.

I got in!

Wooooo hooooooooooooo…..

As it turned out I was the youngest in my class, but my enthusiasm and hard work paid off, and by the end of my Diploma, I actually won one of three awards as well!

How did this come about?

I decided.

Then I took action and did the work. 

I couldn’t do an undergraduate degree, so I did everything else I could think of to show my enthusiasm and get hands-on experience.

Now in all honestly, I didn’t know about asking the universe for help back then or getting my beliefs aligned, but I did believe strongly that if I really wanted something I could have it. 

I just needed to show up. 


And keep going, no matter what.

What I want to add however, is that I did have some doozy beliefs about myself, and in my 20s I did clear these out, and in doing so, my manifesting became quicker, far more fun, and I was able to manifest bigger and better things, with more ease.

So my friend, the one thing I hope you take away from this blog is this:

Just because the odds are against you, that doesn’t mean squat!


When the odds are against you it simply means it’s time to look those odds in the eye, once and for all.

When you’re willing to look deep within, clear out the inner barriers – limiting beliefs – that have been holding you back, do the work, and trust that you can have what you want…

Then life will offer you cherries… by the bucket-load!

No odds about it 🙂

P.S. Oh, and the fact that we never caught COVID on the plane over from the UK to Australia…. well… that is true magic!

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