Happiness doesn’t come from getting what you want. Let me share what will…

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I’m certainly no stranger to thinking that if I get what I want, I will experience happiness.

I’m sure you probably think that too.

When I get that house, that partner, that ring, that job, that chocolate dessert… I’ll be happy.

But will you?

Or is that really just an illusion?

I spent many years chasing what I thoughts I wanted.

In school, it was straight A’s.

Yet topping my year with straight A’s wasn’t enough to stave off the feeling of despair.

I wanted to get into the post graduate radio program at uni (straight out of high school) that only offered 14 spots a year.

I got in.

But despite that initial rush of excitement, happiness did not prevail.

Nor did true lasting happiness arrive when I won the radio award for Best News Presenter I’d always wanted, or got the Mustang I had my heart set on, or the gorgeous partner I attracted into my life, or the green sapphire engagement ring, or the dream career, or publishing my first novel or getting married.

I could list off a whole resume of things I wanted, and got.

And I’m sure you could too!

And these things, they were all things I wanted.

Like really wanted.

All things I worked hard for.

Not just a passing craving for something, but something I yearned for; some of them for many years.

Yet what I soon realised was that it was not the arrival of ‘possessions’ or ‘people’ or ‘awards’ that delivered me happiness.

As my wall poster in my office says:

‘Happiness is an inside job’.

True happiness that is.

Not the fleeting happiness we experience each time we reach a milestone or have a little (or big) win.

But inner happiness.

The type that doesn’t rely on external things.

Now that may seem like a foreign concept, but what you need to understand is that happiness comes from a connection to your inner self.

Yes, when we feel the most happy, we are deeply connected to who we are at our core.

Hence to say, it is this inner connection – that some people reach through meditation, mindfulness practices or their own personal way of tuning in – that creates happiness.

I run a course called Remarkable Relationships, and in it I teach people how to tune into their inner voice so they can experience this happiness at any time they choose.

Hell, they can experience happiness ALL the time if they really want!

But what’s super interesting about this course, is that most people come to it because they want something external.

They want to overcome a physical illness, they want to have more money, they want to find the right partner, or something else.

And those who apply all the tools I teach, get what they want; what drew them to the course.

What the also get however, is happiness.

Because like I said, happiness doesn’t come from material things, or reaching a specific milestone, like a weight loss goal for example.

Interestingly, these people who set their goal to be rich, to have a baby, to climb the corporate ladder; they become happy before they get what they wanted.

And what they find, is that when they begin to experience feelings of happiness, just because, that their original wants (or goals) don’t matter so much, because they’re happy.

Happiness is what we all truly want.

That feeling of inner fulfilment and contentment,

That feeling that you are happy and complete and perfect just as you are.

That is what we really want.

It’s our conditioning that has us striving for all these other things, that the media, that our parents, that our friends, that TV shows have told us will make us happy.

But I’m sure there’s been a time in your life where you’ve got something and you didn’t feel the happiness you thought it would bring.

In fact, you probably went straight into needing something else to feel happy.

If I just get this, this or this…. then I’ll be happy.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it doesn’t work that way.

Why do you think people who are super rich and seem to ‘have it all’ are often the most unhappy?

Because those things don’t matter.

What matters, is your reconnection to you.

Your ability to connect with your inner happiness.

I promise you it’s there, and if you’re not experiencing it right now, it’s because you’ve somewhere along the line, disconnected from that most important part of yourself.

The part that is responsible for your happiness.

So if you would like the guide map – the tools and techniques – to find your way back home to yourself, then I look forward to sharing these powerful techniques with you in the Remarkable Relationships 3-month online course.

And because I want EVERYONE to be able to afford this, for this month only, I am offering an extended payment plan, so those on a budget or with limited financial resources, are more able to invest in self-love.

Oh… AND you get a $300 discount as well!

Every person deserves happiness, and I can’t wait to open you up to your inner well of happiness soon!

P.S. Leave a comment below on your journey with happiness.

What have you discovered? What have you learnt? What allows you to experience deep inner happiness?

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