Faith. Where is yours?

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Too often I see people who like to doubt.. well.. pretty much everything!

They question that great idea, they brush off that entrepreneurial concept as being make-believe as opposed to a very real achievement, and they dismiss other people’s dreams instead of seeing the possibility in them.

These people lack faith.

Faith in themselves, and thus, faith in the people and things around them.

What happens when you don’t have faith?

You lose your ability to create a bigger and better life for yourself.

When people start to doubt, it stops them in their tracks.

As soon as they lose faith in the possibility of something working, it really is game over.

It’s just like the placebo affect.

A person takes a pill and it works wonders because they believe it will work, not because there’s actually something in the pill that would deliver them any sort of benefit.

This is how powerful faith really is.

It heals!

Yet we live in a world where people demand guarantees.

If they don’t get a guarantee that something is a sure winner, they don’t believe and this stops them from giving it a go.

The thing is, there are no guarantees in life.

The only guarantee you can have is in your own faith.

And if you have faith in something, then you have the magical ingredient needed to create what you’re after.

When new clients start sessions me there’s often fear, doubt, worry about spending money on themselves, with no guarantee of a result.

All they can hope for is that my proven record with clients will reap them the same benefits.

The interesting thing is, faith is contagious – so I have faith in my clients, until they can have faith in themselves to get the result they’re after.

Within a few sessions their belief in themselves strengthens and their faith sees them taking leaps of faith.

Like French author Andre Gide says: ‘Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.’

People are so scared of losing sight of the shore because going into new waters is scary.

It’s out of their comfort zone.

But no one did any growing inside their comfort zone.

Faith really is where it all starts.

You have to believe.

When your faith is ironclad strong, then no matter what chances you take, you’re bound to reap the rewards.

If you’d like to learn more about how to change your beliefs so you can have more faith, then sign up for the FREE Self-Love Starter’s Kit at the top of the page.

It’ll give you all the insights you need to understand how you can enjoy a little more faith in your love, life and relationships.

After all, faith – and belief in oneself – makes your relationship with you stronger.

And we all know what that creates!

Love to hear how having faith has impacted YOUR life!

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