Synchronicities: The traffic lights of our life

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Our life is full of synchronicities.

Perhaps a friend you’ve had on your mind calls out of the blue, or you get a flyer advertising yoga in your letterbox the very day you were thinking about starting yoga.

As you’re driving to work, you see a billboard answering the exact question you had in mind.

Or perhaps you dream of something that gives you a clear insight into your current line of work.

You may have come to know these moments as ‘coincidences’.

Personally, I don’t believe in ‘coincidences’.

I believe these signals we get on a daily basis are a projection of our inner knowing or intuition (whatever you like to label it) helping us get the message we’re not ready to hear from ourself.

Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung defines a synchronicity as the simultaneous occurrence of a certain psychological state with one or more external events that have meaningful parallels.

To break it down: Everything (including us) is made of energy.

Our thoughts are energy, and just like a radio station transmits a signal to our car stereo (energy), so too do we transmit our thoughts into the world, that then show up in the form of serendipitous events.

Why then is there intellectual resistance to accept these seemingly random occurrences as meaningful insights of wisdom?

We cannot see energy, and so we fall back on our childhood conditioning and refuse to accept that it exists.

We live in a society that prefers to choose logic, obligation and reasoning over these somewhat obscure moments that almost seem like they drop out of the sky.

From a young age we are conditioning to shut off our heart’s voice accepting only what is visible and tangible instead of what we know, sense or feel inside.

But then how do you explain the radio?

Everything in life happens for a reason, and if we listen to these signals, we give ourselves the opportunity to learn.

We’re completely immersed in a web of ‘coincidences’ or ‘chance encounters’ that guide us to fulfil our dharma or purpose in life.

According to Vedic tradition: One of the characteristics that define a person heading towards enlightenment is realising a growing number of synchronicities in all areas of your life.

At this very moment your destiny has led you to read these very words.

Simply reading this is evidence that there is a part of you that wants to know more, wants to understand how to connect into that inner voice and listen to the synchronicities that govern your life.

If you fail to get something your inner self is trying to express, then expect a series of synchronicities until you get the point!

Imagine for a moment, you’re walking down the street thinking about how you need money to pay the rent.

Suddenly you notice a $100 note lying on the pavement.

Just coincidence?

Or is there deeper meaning to the fact that you created this money from the energy you were unconsciously projecting?

Whatever coincidences present themselves, you can dismiss them as meaningless or choose to recognise their amazing potential.

In reality, life’s circumstances aren’t random occurrences in a chaotic universe – they are clues to fulfilling your deepest dreams and desires.

Your inner self is dropping hints all over the place – you just need to listen and pay attention.

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