Relationship Queen
Tamra Mercieca

With an undeniable passion for putting pen to paper, Tamra is the playful peach behind the Getting Naked Pty Ltd brand. It was during 2010 that this Newsreader/Journalist turned Relationship & Self-Love Therapist and Author realised, developing your relationship with self is the key to creating a life you absolutely adore. Hence began a journey into self, to learn the art of self-love and how she could teach others to fall madly and deeply in love with themselves.

Combining her love of writing with her coaching and therapy skills, Tamra drew from all her trainings and research into such disciplines as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time-Line Therapy, Therapeutic Hypnosis, Energy Healing, Positive Psychology, HeartMath, Shamanism, Taoism, Tantra, Body De-Armering, Alexander Technique, Kundalini Yoga, Laughter Yoga, Conscious Pregnancy Yoga and the Billings Ovulation Method – among other modalities – to come up with her own boutique therapy, which she coined Naked Therapy – helping people strip back the layers of conditioning so they could live as their True Self! All about fun and keeping things simple, Tamra crafted a series of books, courses and playshops that would both entertain and educate people about relationships – which are ultimately, the basis for all life areas.

Tamra has also been dubbed the ‘Queen Of Hearts’ and the ‘Energetic Heart Surgeon’ by some, after conducting extensive study into the heart and the role it plays in our lives – not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. As part of Naked Therapy, Tamra teaches people how to tune into their heart’s brain and gain intelligence from a clear space, free from the childhood programming that stops people moving forward in life.

Using these techniques, Tamra has not only been able to heal herself of depression and anxiety, but thyroid issues, binge eating, bulimia, pre-cancerous cells in her cervix, severe adult acne, digestive issues and a breast tumour, hence giving her the personal insight and understanding needed to help others heal from similar ailments.

Watch Tamra share her personal story in this playshop ‘The Art of Self-Love’ that she presented at the Wanderlust Festival in October 2015…

Tamra became an advocate for Lifeline, after the publication of her first book The Upside of Down: A personal journey and toolkit for overcoming depression, originally published in 2009. Just as she used herself as a guinea pig to overcome her mental illness, so too, did Tamra enter the dating landscape of flirtatious flings and romantic rendezvous, to learn first hand, the secrets of relationships, and gather fodder for the Getting Naked book series, publishing The Dating Game in 2011. Both her books going worldwide in December 2012.

It was after experiencing an orgasm on the massage table that Tamra got curious about the energetics of sex, moving into Sex Therapy and being asked to tour Australia with Sexpo from 2013 to 2015 as their Relationship Expert. It was in the talks Tamra shared how to use sex as a vehicle for self-healing and self-realisation, going to on create her 2-month online course Sexual Self, which is designed to help people connect more intimately with their body and learn how to play with their sexual energy, as well as teaching people how to use the Jade Egg to deepen their relationship with self.

With a real passion for women’s health and all things to do with the Jade Egg, Tamra created a new modality ‘Yoga for the Vagina’; A style of yoga designed to help women step into your pleasure while healing sexual health issues. Tamra takes her Yoga for the Vagina classes to various festivals around Australia and is releasing a comprehensive woman’s online series in Spring 2016.

There is nothing Tamra enjoys more than to write. And you can see her articles in various health publications such as The Daily Telegraph/Herald Sun’s Body and Soul and Women’s Health and Fitness magazine as well as her latest blog pieces. The Relationship Queen pens a sex column in Nature and Health magazine and has also been interviewed for the UK newspaper The Independent. To read her most recent articles, take a peek at our media page, where you’ll also find her TV appearances and regular radio interviews.

Tamra shares her self-lovin’ message in many ways and is often invited to present talks and workshops at various events, some of which include the Wanderlust Festival on the Sunshine Coast (2015), The Evolve Yoga Festival in Melbourne (2015), The Seven Sisters Festival in Victoria (2015), Celebrating Sexuality sex camp in Victoria (2015), International Sacred Sexuality Conference in Byron Bay (2015) among others.

With a love of all things vintage and how the era promotes the voluptuous figure, Tamra appeared as the centrefold in Cruzin magazine after winning the Pin Up competition at the Garterbelts and Gasoline Festival in 2011, going on to tour with Miss Pin Up Australia in 2012 as a judge. Tamra is always nurturing her own personal relationship. If she’s not bashing out tunes on her drums, you’ll find this swing-dancing bombshell sipping tea and eating scones in the Dandenongs as she crafts her latest manuscript.

In this candid interview with Kiana Love from Be Wild Woman, Tamra shares more about her journey into self-love and why it’s so important we nurture our relationship with self, so grab yourself a cuppa tea and relax…

Want to play with Tamra? Tamra only takes on a limited number of one-on-one clients. To apply, please email her tamra@gettingnaked.com.au and she will be in touch to discuss how she can help you design a life you absolutely adore!