The Self-Love Meditation



The Self-Love Meditation is the core of what Tamra shares, recorded in the serene Dandenong Ranges, against a backdrop of live nature sounds.

It is designed to relax you while at the same time, teaching you how to reconnect with your inner self and the love available to you.

When listened to regularly, this meditation is deeply healing on the body and psyche, opening you up to the stillness and love required to create physical and mental health.

It you experience self-doubt, pain, struggle, fear, shame, guilt, illness or deep hurt, then the Self-Love Meditation will help you begin the healing process.

This is the ultimate meditation for embodying self-love.

Love has scientifically been proven to heal the body and slow down ageing.

This meditation will teach you how to hold love in your body so you can have a deeper connection to yourself.

This is what one woman had to say about the Self-Love Meditation: ‘I’ve been listening to the self love meditation every morning over the last two months and I have witnessed a big change within.’

*Please note: This MP3 download will be sent to you via email for you to download to your computer, tablet or phone. It runs for 30 minutes. 


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