Are you feeling trapped and helpless? Do you lack confidence in social settings, worrying about what others think of you? Do you lack time, going into overwhelm at your longer than necessary ‘to-do’ list? Does stress trigger off emotional eating? You’re not alone. If you’re fed up with settling for less, doubting yourself or feeling alone, then keep reading because you CAN became the radiant, confident person you know is in there somewhere.

You feel as though you’ve tried everything. Right? Your bookcase resembles the self-help isle at your local library. You have a sparkly gym membership, you’ve tried every health fad there is; the lemon diet, weight watchers, etc. You’ve even got yourself a stylist and personal trainer, yet your self-esteem remains as far removed from you, as lipstick to a fish. All you get when you look in the mirror is a feeling of inadequacy at not being slim enough or pretty enough or buff enough. Frustrating, isn’t it?

GN_frazzled_lady-01So you read all those insightful books, taking advice from professionals along the way, yet all that valuable information has failed to shift your self-doubt as you continue to compare yourself to others, never feeling as though you measure up. A spot of retail therapy and polishing off that decadent chocolate mud cake may have given you a brief reprise from your worries, but you know all too well, that distracting yourself from the real problem is never long lasting. Just like any fitness craze or beauty procedure, you’re simply slapping a colourful band-aid on the problem and failing to get to the underlying issue.

What you really need to do is go deep and investigate the root cause of what’s stopping you from getting off the merry-go-round of disappointments and heartbreaks so you can break that negative cycle of crappy outcomes. You need to look at your internal wiring and pull the plug on any negative beliefs you’ve been running on your hard drive of a brain, so you can install positive beliefs that will break the pattern and allow you to create a new, more attractive future.

And how do you change the programming? You work with a therapist who uses techniques that work directly with the subconscious mind. So many people travel through life completely unaware of all the dirt and grim stored in their subconscious storehouse. I’m sure you’re familiar with the negative voice in your head that throws around insults and criticisms like they were the truth: ‘You’re not good enough’, ‘You’re a failure’,  or ‘You’ll never account to anything.’

Having overcome severe clinical depression, changed careers from being a radio journalist/newsreader to running my own company, then going on to find love while overcoming a myriad of health ailments, I have developed a formula to help others create their own unique happily ever after. I know how frustrating it can be to be left wondering if you’ll ever find Mr Right or so down on yourself that all you want to do is give up or be diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. It was these experiences that fuelled my passion for understanding how the brain works.

Training in various techniques and modalities gave me the skills to not only help myself, but also aid others to make positive changes in their life. Wanting to share my journey, I became a regular guest on television and radio, penning articles for various health and wellness magazines, before going on to publish a series of books. It is through these mediums and being an advocate for Lifeline that allows me to inspire others into creating the change they need so they too, can love life.

So, if you’re ready to do what it takes to get in the driver’s seat of your life, then all you need to do is sign up for the Getting Naked newsletter and I’ll send you a 45-minute playshop which will give you deep insight into what’s needed to create positive change in your life.


Imagine if you could bounce out of bed feeling alive and excited about the day ahead. Just think how it would feel to have financial freedom, a nourishing sex life and a fulfilling career. Yes, it is possible to have loving relationships, a clear purpose in life and a high self-esteem. All you need to do is learn the skills to clear out the negativity that is stopping you from loving yourself unconditionally.

Believe, for it is belief that breathes life into your dreams.