The Love Sandwich… how to relate better!

What’s your first reaction when someone criticises you or your work? Is it to put up a brick wall of defence so you no longer hear or take on anymore of the negativity thrown your way? What if there was a more positive approach to sharing your feedback, in a way that benefited both parties? Let’s consider what would happen differently, if that someone (perhaps … Read More

To flirt or not to flirt.. at work?

That is certainly the question!! And with so many of us working long tiresome hours, it’s no surprise that office romance blossoms into existence. Know that just because you practically live at your desk, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little romance. Office romance may often be frowned upon, but give you have common ground, that’s a great foundation for … Read More

Follow your heart.

We’ve all heard the expression ‘Follow Your Heart’, but what does that really mean? How do we tell the different between what our heart is telling us to do and what our brain is urging us to do? Our heart speaks to us every moment of every day, but most of us have stopping listening to its signal; it’s like … Read More

Surviving Valentine’s Day single

Being single on Valentines Day can be tough, but making it through the most romantic day of the year can be a real eye-opener, if you’re up for the challenge. I believe, learning how to date yourself is the first step to attracting a healthy and loving relationship with someone else. When February the 14th rolls around loved up couples will be focusing … Read More

Energy Vampires: How to Identify Life Suckers

Every human interaction involves an energy exchange, but some people – known as energy vampires – simply drain you dry. So lets have a look at how to identify those life suckers. Even if you feel great, energy vampires can leave you feeling lethargic and depressed – or with physical symptoms, like a headache – quicker than you can say ‘crucifix’. … Read More

Conscious Commitment

It’s a word many of us are afraid of, but without it, achieving your goals and desires is often impossible. Yep, let’s talk about ‘commitment’. So what is it that stops us from committing? Often a fear of failure and sometime, even a fear of success. The one thing you need to realise however, is that unless you commit, you will … Read More

Teething relief for bubbas

Growing teeth for the first time can be a grueling experience for baby and mum alike. But don’t fret, as I discovered, the answer could be in the Baltic Sea. It was the invite to a friend’s baby shower that saw me exploring the baby isle of my local health food shop this week. Not sure what to buy, I … Read More

Confidence Creation

Confidence. It’s something we all want, but sometimes it can be a difficult thing to embody. So lets get to the truth about confidence and how to get it. Confidence is one of those essential attributes that makes life flow that much easier. When we are confident we follow our passions and we feel at ease in social situations. When … Read More